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What is the average cost of clip in hair extension?

What is the average cost of clip in hair extension?

clip in hair

We all love to have a good haircut but what if we are not happy with it. Of course, we must wait for some time till the hair grows fully and we can again go for a haircut. But what if you cannot wait till they grow because you have to attend an urgent occasion, what will you do? Clip in hair extension sale works best for you. You will get a variety of hair extensions that matches your natural hair. Simply put them and go freely without worrying about your hair look. However, you should know about clip in hair extension prices.  

So, if you worried about hair extension costs then check out the prices of clip in hair extensions here in our guide.  

Clip in hair extension prices and more types  

clip in hair

Average cost of extensions 

Luckily, hair extension doesn’t cost much and you would easily get them somewhere around $200-$600. And if you are looking for a low-end type extension, pay only $100-$200. In addition to this, you will get tape-in and clip-in type extensions at the same price.  

But if you want a more professional hair extension then you would have to spend somewhere $600-$3000. These extensions will give you a Hollywood-style look in just a day. However, you should always choose those made of 100 percent natural human hair. There are several synthetic pieces available in the market. But avoid buying them as they are of not good quality. Moreover, the prices vary as per the hair condition of the individual.  

Clip-in hair extension prices  

Surprisingly, you will get 20 inches of hair at just a price of $100. However, for buying extensions of 30 inches hair pay a price of $500. Putting them is easy and you can do it yourself. These are great hair solution for those having less volume of hair. However, you may see a price variation in the extensions because of quality variation.  

Unfortunately, the wrong application of clip-in extensions for hair can result in mess up. It is because you have to think about the right color. Moreover, you need more products to keep the extensions in good condition. Also, you need additional essentials to apply the clip-in and remove them as well. Therefore, prefer professionals for applying for hair extensions at the salon. Moreover, they will guide you on how to keep them in good condition.  

Clip in hair extension– More options in hair extensions hair extenisons

Apart from checking the clip-in hair extension saleyou can also go through various options as follows.  

Tape-in hair extension 

However, if you have medium-thick hair then goes with tape-in type hair extension. They can last for more time than others and available at a starting price of $200. Inaddition to this, they are quick to attach but removing them is a bit hectic.  

Sew-in extension 

Just at the price of $275 and more you can get a sew-in extension which works best for thick hair. Moreover, you can enjoy these hair extensions for 2-6 weeks. However, they can cause hair damage from tips if heated.  


So, our recommendation is to use a clip-in type extension. Why wait? Therefore, quickly check out the prices of clip in hair extensions now.  

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