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How tape in hair extensions the perfect solution to every girl’s hair miseries?

How tape in hair extensions the perfect solution to every girl’s hair miseries?

hair extensionsIn case, you’re looking for add on lengths, or volume, or maybe little bit of both—the easiest and fastest way to this is hair extensions. Maybe extensions once was a dream for many of us and we thought it as a super high and costly services solely reserved for celebs on the red carpet, but now they’re more handy than ever before with tape-in options that you can use at home. Curious to try tape-in extensions? Try any one of these outstanding options and watch yourself transforming into a real-life Rapunzel. 

There are many brands that assure you with the best quality in tape-in hair extensions. Moreover, hair extensions of these brands fulfill your every wish you have regarding extensions whether it length, volume, color or quality that gives you 100% natural looking hair. 

Tape in hair extensions are overall best in every field whether it is length, volume, color, quality or etc. The adhesive on these is an unique tape that mean to deliver both secure implantation, easy to remove, and comfortable to wear the entire time., but up to a year The lifespan for each piece, is six to nine weeks of wear for each application and are perfect reuse. Each one has double-sided tape so that you can sandwich the natural hair in between each the extension and this quality of extensions ensures secure position of them. And not to forget that there are varying lengths and plenty of colors to choose from, too. 

The material of hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair, and basically are a top choice when you want to find a specific color. Over, 50 different shades are available, well categorized to help you find your shade of color. They also come in various lengths, so there’s no shortage of options to customize the exact look.  

Glam Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions 

Maybe some of you girls prefer wavy hair like me, than you should go for these once in your life as after trying them you will love them. It just doesn’t offers you  a wide range in color but also in lengths. There are also various texture options for when you want a little texture, and you can pick from different types of tape wefts and visible or non-visible sew lines. They even have singular pieces meant for easy DIY implantation, ideal for anyone who doesn’t have time for salon. 

Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions

  • People apply tape hair extension in fastest time possible. Approximate 20-30 min for volume application and 45-60 min for full length application. 
  • No need of any tools or heat application. 
  • If you have fine thin hair, they are totally undetectable. 
  • You will be totally comfortable as these extensions are attached with flat tapes to your hair. 
  • They causes minimal damage to your hair as the weight is divided over larger area. 
  • You can comfortably sleep with your these hair extension on. 
  • A single buy lasts upto 5 uses thus makes multiple uses possible. 
  • They can easily last upto 3-6 months , with proper care off course. 
  • They are affordable. 
  • Easily applied and removed. 
  • No need of professional saloon for using them. 
  • These are specially for those who are looking for something permanent.



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