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Ombre hair extensions how to dye

Ombre hair extensions how to dye

ombre hair extensionsNo doubt that ombre hair is the latest trend in the beauty industry. But can you dye them? That’s pretty good to know that yes you can dye them the way you dye your natural hair. So, did you wear that ombre hair extension and want to color them the way you want? So, here is a guide to ombre hair extensions how to dye. Therefore, check out the guide and get the colorful hair extensions without replacing them. Luckily, you don’t have to ask a salon expert to color them. And you can DIY with this simple guide. 

So, check out every step to get the color. 

ombre hair extensionsOmbre hair extensions – color them easily this way 

Can you ombre hair extensions dye? Of course, before that, you need some of the items for coloring those hair extensions.  

  • A bowl for mixing the dying color  
  • A dye kit 
  • Also set of ombre hair extensions  
  • And a tint brush 

Fortunately, you can color your hair extension in any color when you get these right items but the blonde color is best. As a result, your top weft is darker than the bottom part. It is because you can dye them in two darker shades. But bleaching of ombre hair extensions is not possible.  

The first step of ombre hair extensions how to dye 

First step  

Although you have the right items you need to start with preparation where you have to keep the bowl and brushes ready to dye. And the preparation begins with using the right shade of hair dye. So, take a bowl and mix the color using a tint brush. After doing this, you are ready to dye them.  

Next step 

Can you ombre hair extensions fully? No, you should not apply the dye straight to the full weft. So, start with the top half and then move further. However, start smudging the hair from top to middle in short strokes. Also, apply the dye color in between the hair strands as well. So, carefully color the hair extensions and leave no place untouched.  

Third step 

And now, it is time to leave the ombre hair extensions to dry. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess how long to leave them for drying. Everything is explained at the back of the hair dyeing kit.  

ombre hair extensionsFourth step  

Can you ombre hair extensions put to wash? Yes. However, you should not straightly wash the hair extension. Therefore, you should always use a conditioner to the portion where you have not put dye. As a result, that portion will not get color. Luckily, you get the conditioner within the kit. So, use that instead of the one you use on your natural hair. Also, use warm water to wash the hair extensions. As a result, you get a good colorful result without losing the quality of ombre hair extensions.  

Ombre hair extensions how to bring them to different style? Luckily, you can style them as you want. Let them dry and then style. Use a heat styling tool to curl or straight the wefts. Now, you are ready with the colorful hair extensions with the style you want. 



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