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New hair extensions techniques that will work for you

New hair extensions techniques that will work for you

   Always a salon professional will educate themselves on various kinds of hair extensions that may work for their clients as the right solution to the concern related to the hairs. Of course, they don’t restrict themselves to pone brands or types of extensions because all may not work for everybody. Therefore, they come up with many new hair extensions techniques. Here are few that you should know and may work as per your needs. So read out the posts and see the types of extensions that you can give a try. 

1-     Sew-in- 

This type of hair extensions is easy to maintain and cost-effective and also is easy to remove. However, the hair of the client is tightly braided. This is in order to form a base for the hair weft to sew and fasten. On the other hand, this one among the new hair extensions techniques is not for all and not all types of hair can handle the stress from the weight and braiding of the hair extensions. Furthermore, the client must have their hair retighten from side to side for 4 months. Moreover, there are several colors, textures, and kinds of hair for clients to choose from. But also there are several price points, depending upon the hair extensions lengths and quality. 

2-     Two-pieces- 

2-pieces are the ideal choice for the clients that on the top of the head are thinning. Furthermore, the hair extensions add the volume and thickness to the head top in order to help disguise thinning hair.  However, the users need not have to retighten those from time to time. 

3-     Clip-ins & other temporaries- 

Clip-in is the weft of the hair that to the clip is connected. However, clip-ins is available in several sizes so that they easily around the neck could provide position. In fact, they are ideal for those that are seeking for fast fulfillments during any type of special event. Moreover, it takes a very short time to install around the head. Furthermore, they add volume and lengths in every color, texture, and pricing. Also, they are accessible in synthetic and real human hair but mostly the salon professional make hair extensions and prefers to their clients of the real hair that is a bit easier to style when using the heat. What’s more, is that halos to the clip-ins are the alternative. Therefore, it is for the clients that are seeking for adding greater volume and lengths. And, they are right for the one with the hair that can’t handle the strain. Aldo, the halos are undetectable wire that to the hair weft is connected. In fact, it uses the user’s hair weight in order to keep it completely secure.   

4-     Tape-in- 

Tape-in is made in use for some length but a professional one recommends it for more thickness and volume. However, it just takes a very short span of time for its installations. In fact, the guest needs not to have to come in every 6-8 weeks for having those take out and again install.The tool heats the thin strip of the glue that on the hair weft is there. The hair in between two wefts is put for creating a seal.  No doubt, they are right because the user can make use of the same for more times. 

So these are the best new hair extensions techniques that nowadays are in greater use.






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