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Widely used types ofhair extensions or wigs

Widely used types ofhair extensions or wigs

The hair extensions or wigs are manufacture from a high-quality synthetic fiber to style the hair and also to provide some volume to it. Going to parties or any special occasions are more comfortable with the hair extensions because it enhances your look and makes you feel more confident. The hair extensions or wigs are not for the persons having short hairs or low volume hairs. These extensions need substantial hairs for proper fixation as these are not kind of full head coverings. These hair extensions or wigs are available in different styles and colours to match your looks. 

 Remember these instructions for buying and for the usage of the hair extensions:- 

Photos that you view on websites or magazine advertisements are merely representations. The actual fittings may vary for different individuals depending upon their height and body structures. 

For the long durability of the product please do not comb them regularly and harshly. Also use of a wide-tooth comb is advisable. Make partition behind the hair by lifting the original hair. Clip-in hair extensions with the help of clips provided for proper fixation. Open the hair that was tied originally to the clip with the hair extensions. So that it may merge with the original hair. These hair extensions or wigs can be used for a long period if stored in a proper manner. 

 Now we are going to discusabout the two widely used types of hair extensions or wigs:- 

Hair bun- 

This is a half extension only and uses to provide some volume & style to the actual hair. Long hair wig withit looks pretty and beautiful. Perfect for occasions like Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, and theatrical productions. If you possess a short hair and wants a long hair look, so this hair extension or wig is perfect for you. It looks perfect with the original hair because of its soft and silky appearance. If you are looking for any method to increase your hair volume, the hair bun extension will be a perfect option for you. Moreoverit can be used with any length hair and you can even dance with this hair extension, it does not fall. This is available in the market with the best quality synthetic fiber ones and also with various colour matching options. 

Kinky hair- 

The kinky hair extensions or wigs gives the tightest curly look and is available in different sizes from short to long ones. The kinky hair extension is available in grades that are Tangle Free and Shedding Free. You can apply it by yourself and can treat and iron according to the style needed. These hair extensions or wigs are easy to clip in and clip out, add volume and length, provides for a protective hair also. 



These are two widely usedtypes of hair extensions or wigs. Now you got an overview of these both extensions and can choose wisely according to the style you need. 


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