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General care guide for hair extensions and weave

General care guide for hair extensions and weave

Hair extensions and weave, if installed needs a proper care. The user should know how to take care of these at home. Because visiting a hairstylist didn’t make any sense. Here is a guide for general care- 


For weave – 

Weave requires special care and should be washed between every 5 – 7 days. Helps in maintaining the shine and cleans the hair also. Dry the hair weave completely before applying it for heat. One can use the dryer for ensuring the dryness of extensions. It will be best suitable to use sulphate free conditioners and shampoos. 


For Hair extensions to braid in – 

If the hairs are braided, spray bottle should be used to wash braids. A combination of water and shampoo should be used to spray. Apply the solution to the scalp and gently massage with the combination of water and shampoo. Spray with another bottle of water to rinse the solution from the scalp. Ensure that the braids are cleaned and dried completely. Do not turn the head upside down during washing as it can tangle the extensions. Also, it is advised to use a hooded dryer in addition to a blow dryer. 


Hair extensions should be taken care of in the same manner as everybody cares for the actual hair. As we know synthetic hair doesn’t lasts long. They need to be maintained and washed differently. Also, some of those have specific instructions for washing, so follow those instructions strictly.  



Instructions for care of hair extensions for blonde hair – 


Wash using the recommended shampoo only, not every costly shampoo is preferred. So choose wisely because many of the users complain about drying of the platinum blonde hairs after a month only. This is because of the wrong shampoo used; rather prefer the recommended one only. For moisturizing, a co-wash should be used and dry shampoo, baby wipes should be used for wiping off the oily crowns from the oily scalp. After washing a proper conditioning is also required. 

Toning and colouring – 


If there is any plan for toning the extension, should use silver shampoo and mask to tone the yellow shades. Never use any bleach or dye directly. As bleach can burn the hairs and dyes can fry it. So, after 5-6 washes breakages can be seen. 


Only use a semi-permanent dye with 6 vol to darken or toning of hair. Chormaplex or olaplex is necessary to maintain the condition of blonde extensions. Skipping the treatment may not last it for longer durations. Use the filling technique to dark the blonde for more than 2 levels. Blonde hairs are processed chemically, so darkening it more can damage the extension. 


Precautions for blonde extension users – 


  • Never try to perm the hairs because no hairs are going to survive this. 
  • It’s good to curl or straighten the hair extensions but overdoing it can burn the hairs. So maintain a proper temperature for it. 
  • Avoid swimming by wearing hair extensions for blonde hair because the seawater or chlorine present in waters can make the hair dry. 



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