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Know About Medium length hair extensions before and after

Know About Medium length hair extensions before and after

We all have to think about the extensions of hair. However, choosing of hair extension is easy as choosing the hair as you want. On the other hand, the most natural hair in Medium length hair extension before and after is micro bond tips. So, tiny pieces of your hair are attached to a bond classic fusion tool. If you want large volume in your hair so, you can get good extension to convert your hair into glamorous looks. What type of extension your client’s want? Thus, it may be permanent extension and temporary extension.  

Let’s see some hair extensions 


Moreover, Tape-in extension is super simple and seamless. You can carry it at any time. Carrying this you will not feel any type of pain. However, attach ½ -2 panels with small pieces of hair that will provide you huge volume and long length to your hairs. Thus, this can be reuse 2 times. You can see hair extension images before and after if you want to apply in your hair.  

Natural beaded weft:  

This is too easy process to apply for long-lasting hair. This is flexible to maintain for a long time hairs. In this, hairs can be attach with a little tube that together your hairs. It is the most affordable extension to your hair. You can wear a weft for up to 2 months.  

Microbead extension:   

It is a very popular hair extension in European hairstyles. Beads are attach to your hair; you can choose small beads to pick your hairs. These beads are too small and easily will disappear into your hair. You can take beads for length and volume for your hairs. You can google it the picture of hair extensions before and after. 

Halo extension:   

It is a brand new innovative idea, which gives your hair more volume and lengths. The company halo couture creates this perfect solution to your hair. There is a chip that will be easily connect to your hair. It has a bunch of hairs so you can directly connect it with your hair.  

Ultrasonic cold fusion:   

As its name, there are ultrasonic rays that are use to give a volume and length to your hair. This is another way to blend your hair. There is no use of heat in your hair. Only ultrasonic waves will perform. However, it is the newest technology in the extension of hairs. Most people choose it. It provides durability and comfort.  

Clip-in hair:   

There is a clip you can use to collect the hair to give your hair a perfect extension it is super simple to apply; you can use an individual clip to separate the strength of hairs. It looks natural. It is very reasonable. This extension also gives your hair a large volume and long strength.  

Is it possible to get an extension in short hairs? 

The extension can be apply in any type of hair doesn’t matter what is the length and volume of your hairs. In short hairs, extensions can be apply. But the blending of hairs can be crucial. If you want to apply extension in your hairs so your hairs should be in a growing stage so the extension can also be grown in your hairs.


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