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Fusion hair extensions tutorial for beginners

Fusion hair extensions tutorial for beginners

fusion hair extensions

Do you know the secret of long and fuller hair of famous celebrities? No, then let us tell you that they use hair extensions and that’s becoming common nowadays. Even you can use them. Lots of hair extensions varieties are available in the stores. Go and get one. But do you know the right one, its fusion hair extension? Moreover, you can apply it at home just by seeing the fusion hair extensions tutorial. But if you have no confidence to apply it at home, then go to professionals.  

This guide is for those who are choosing the first option. Fusion hair extensions how to apply methods are here 

Fusion hair extensions tutorial  

hair extensions applicationhair extensions application

However, before we tell you the application procedure you need to know a few key issues of the hair extensions. Read them below: 

Hair type 

What kind of hair extension you are using matters. So, decide whether you need synthetic or human hair type or a mix of both.  

Hair origin 

Unfortunately, many girls don’t even focus on the origin of the hair extension. But that matters a lot so check out in the fusion hair extensions tutorial what you should know about it. You will get either a European or non-European hair of origin.  

Hair texture  

The texture of the hair matters a lot. And you have options like wavy, straight or a mix of both.  

Moreover, before knowing how to apply fusion hair extensions you must check the color and length of the hair. Apart from this, there are methods of applying for fusion hair extension. Read further to know about them.  

Fusion hair extension tutorial for application methods  

There are following three methods that professionals or you can use for DIY. Weaving, micro links, and bonding are those three methods if you ask fusion hair extensions how to apply.  

Weaving method  

Again there are three methods of weaving that you can use. First is the basic cord tracking or pinch weaving or cord weaving? In addition to this, some call them micro weaving or track locking as well. However, to attach the hair strands using it put the strands in a horizontal fashion and stitch into a lock. Do it carefully while matching the natural pattern of your hair. It is beneficial than others as it keeps the strands long-lasting and tight.  

The oldest method weaving is most of the favorite because of its application method. Unfortunately, DIYers cannot use it.  

Bonding method  

Here products like glue, wax or keratin help in attaching the fusion hair extensions. Know which product is best in the fusion hair extensions tutorial. However, keratin is good adhesive and you don’t have to buy it as fusion extension already has them. Simply use a heat gun to melt the glue and it will attach with the hair.  

Micro ring method 

There are various methods like silicone rings, and tubes. Using a tube means no need to use glue or wax. However, you cannot do it alone.  

So, these were methods you can find on fusion hair extension tutorials online. You can check more about how to apply for fusion hair extensions.  

fusion hair extensions

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